Is your house 100 years old?

Was it built in 1918 or earlier?

If your home or structure has reached the grand old age of 100 years, it qualifies for a Century Home marker.

The village of Struthers began when Thomas Struthers purchased the land of his boyhood home in 1863, 400 acres surrounding Yellow Creek. Over the years additional land was annexed into the village. The village grew with industry and population becoming today's city of Struthers.

Clusters of homes grew with supporting businesses, such as grocery stores. Neighborhoods were established; Nebo, North Side Hill, Dog Patch, Coke Alley, just to name a few. These early homes usually featured the basics: a kitchen, dining room, living room and several bedrooms. Although centralized heating was becoming common place, a fireplace in the living room was an added attraction. As the family prospered, alterations and updates were made, including indoor plumbing. A small bedroom was converted to a bathroom.

Your old house is best dated by a deed. If you have a deed dating back 100 years or earlier, you qualify to apply for a Century Home Marker. If you do not have a copy, you can trace the age of your house at the Recorder's Office in the Mahoning County Court House.

A marker from the Struthers Historical Society merely acknowledges the age of your home. The marker is merely an acknowledgment of the age of the structure and not a restriction on what can be done with it

You as a member of the Struthers community can preserve and share your significant piece of history.

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