Written by Denise Collingwood, Struthers Historical Socity


George Harris (June 12, 1891 - April 16, 1954)

George Harris was known to vaudeville as one of the four Dancing Harris Brothers of the pre-World War I era. George was the third brother of the four Dancing Harrises (Alfred, Arthur, George and Victor) who toured the country in the early decades of the 20th century.

The nimble footed brothers appeared with the four Marx Brothers show and with Eddie Cantor in "Skool Days" on Broadway and on tour. The brothers worked together as actors until the outbreak of World War I, when the draft broke up the team.

"The dancing act of the Harris Brothers is one of the best things of its kind and scored a success with the Sunday audience in their whirlwind unison dance which is an amazing stunt." reviewed by the Berkeley Daily Gazette, California.

Mr. Harris was born and raised on Eagle St. in Youngstown. He married the widow Katherine Ford, nee: Anetsko in 1918. George and Katherine lived in various locations throughout Struthers; Hawthorn, Marian and State Streets and Poland Avenue. After World War I, George remained in the theater working as a stage hand at the Palace Theater and the Warner Theater until his death in 1954.

The Marz Brothers in "Skool Days"
Photo courtesy of Robert Moulton.
George and Victor Harris are seated on the right at the rear.