Source: The Story of Pittsburgh and vicinity illustrated, Pittsburgh Gazette Times, Pittsburgh, PA, 1908


(15 Mar 1852 – 28 May 1932)

Mr. Kennedy is one of the leading consulting and contracting engineers in iron, steel and blast furnace construction in the country, was born at Poland, Mahoning County, Ohio, on March 15, 1852. He received his early education at the Poland Union Seminary and later entered the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale University, graduating from that institution in 1875. After graduating from the Poland Seminary and prior to his entering Yale, Mr. Kennedy served as draughtsman under his father in the construction of the plant of the Struthers Iron Company, at Struthers, Ohio. He was employed on this work for three years and received his first actual engineering training at this time.

Following his graduation from Yale, He was successively superintendent of the blast furnaces of the Briar Hill Iron Company, the Struthers Furnace Company, the Morse Bridge Works, the Edgar Thompson Steel Works, and the Lucy furnaces of the Carnegie Steel Company. These positions covered the period from 1876 to 1885 when he accepted a position as general superintendent of the immense plant of Carnegie, Phipps & Co., and his headquarters were moved to Homestead, PA. He held this important position until 1888 when he was appointed chief engineer of the plant of the Latrobe Steel Company, at Latrobe, PA. He remained there until 1890 when he resigned and entered business for himself as a consulting and contracting engineer. Since that time he has designed and built some of the largest and most important blast furnace plants in this and other countries, and has perfected and patented a number of most important inventions which are now essential to the manufacture of iron and steel. Mr. Kennedy is a leading member of the various engineering clubs of Pittsburgh and other cities.