History of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties by Williams (H.Z.) & Bro., Cleveland, Ohio, published 1882,   page 64


A story is related concerning Tom McClees, the miller at Struthers' mill. Struthes had a large dog and McClees took it one day to go out hunting for deer. Aroused by the barking of the dog, he hastened to the spot from which the sound proceeded and discovered a large panther up a tree. He fired and brought the animal down. The panther rolled over a steep bank, and the dog after him, the panther landing upper-most. McClees took the beast by the tail and pulled him off the dog; then with the aid of the dog and a club, dispatched him. He killed two more panters the same day. This took place near Indian Rock in the Nebo gully.

This area is now known as Panters' Run