City of Struthers Military Honors Banner
Likeness of Military Banner

If you would like to honor a loved one from the City of Struthers who has served or is serving in the US military, you may purchase an Honor Banner that will be displayed on the city lamp posts and poles during the periods covering Memorial Day in May, Independence Day in July and Veteran's Day in November. The banner design will feature your loved one's name, photograph, branch of service, years of service and the war/conflict in which he or she served. Your loved one may be living or deceased.

Each banner will cost $125.00 and will hang for three years for the dates above.
Renewal options will be available at the end of three years.

Photograph Guidelines:

   • Military photo is preferred, other options can be discussed
   • Photograph may be color or black and white
   • Digital Photographs should be of high resolution:
     pixel width 300 to 600
   • Photograph must be a copy - do NOT send an original, photos
     will not be returned
   • Do not use a copying machine to copy your photo.

*For a good final product, a good, clear photo is recommended.
Walgreen's does a good job of duplicating photos.

Scanning is available by appointment.

Digital photos will be accepted by email. The digital photo width must be between 300 and 900 pixels. Please include all application information in the email. Once we have all three elements, photo, application and payment, your order will be processed.

If you need a military photo of deceased soldier or sailor, you may be able to obtain one through the NARA. This would be a good time to request military service records: OMPF, IDPF, travel orders and vouchers, performance reports, muster rolls, MACR, DD-214. If your loved one was a POW, also request POW documentation. In any event, specifically request the military photo. Not all World War II records are available due to fire. This process may take up to 8 weeks.

 Starting Memorial Day - Application and payment must be received by May 4, 2020
 Starting Independence Day - Application and payment must be received by June 13, 2020
 Starting Veterans Day - Application and payment must be received by October 21, 2020

Please make your check or money order payable to Struthers Historical Society
in the amount of $125.00.

Download the application.