The Frankfort House, Struthers Historical Society Museum, is a repository for memorabilia pertaining to the city of Struthers. This includes early iron pieces from the Hopewell Furnace, bound Struthers Journal newspaper files, Struthers family genealogy records, maps, and local photographs.

Struthers Historical Society & Museum
50 Terrace St.
Struthers, OH 44471

Hours of operation:  by appointment
Closed during the winter months.

Limited handicap accessibility
Curator:  Marian Kutlesa
Tours by appointment
Tours are given at no charge. Donations are accepted.
2019-2020 Officers
President - Linda Skrinyer
Vice President - Denise Collingwood
Secretary - Marian Kutlesa
Treasurer - Debbie Zetts

    Dick Dale
    Steve Skrinyer
    Justin Thrush
On site research - by appointment
e-research - $10.00 (minimum) payable through PayPal
Duplication fees - 20 cents per document
E-research requests via email   

**Regular meetings are held the first Sunday of each month at 1:00 P.M. , with the exception of September and November, which will be held on the second Sunday. Regular meetings will not be held in January, February, July and December.