Struthers Historical Society
and Museum
The Gothic two story frame dwelling was built in 1884 by Alexander Frankfort for his wife Louisa and infant daughter Alma. The land was purchased from Thomas Struthers for $190.

Alma resided in the home for 93 years. She died at the age of 100. Her heirs donated the residence to the Society in 1986. Members completed restoration in 1989.

No fireplaces exist in the house. Every room has access to a side of a "turned" or "diagonal" chimney. Small stoves kept areas heated.

The kitchen stove serves as a heating unit in the winter when the wood burning side was used. In warmer months, the cooler gas side would have been suitable. A dry sink and outside pump and cistern were early sources of water. In the far back yard stood an outhouse. A coal shed was located near the present floral garden.

The kitchen displays the original table and chairs of Mrs. Frankfort. Her wicker couch sits in the front room and Mr. Frankfort's rock collection cabinet hangs on the wall.

Alexander Frankfort was Struthers last surviving Civil War Veteran when he died in 1930.