Frankfort House Accepted as Historical Site

The Struthers Historical Society is proud to announce The Frankfort House has been accepted as an Ohio Historical place of historical preservation. The Ohio Historical Marker will be erected in front of the Frankfort house on Terrace Street in the spring of 2018. This will be the second historical marker to be placed in the city of Struthers. The first marker in Struthers and the ninth to be placed in Mahoning County commemorates the Hopewell Furnace is located along Yellow Creek in the hollow of Wetmore Street.

The Frankfort House was built by Alexander Frankfort in 1884. Due to the iron factories, local lumber was not available. Mr. Frankfort shipped lumber from Wisconsin to erect the house. It is believed the lumber came from land owned by Mrs. Frankfort's father. After Alma Frankfort's death, the house was gifted to the Struthers Historical Society. The house is now a museum containing artifacts and the history of the Struthers community.

Struthers, as a settlement holds nearly two hundred and twenty years of history! It began with the purchase of 400 acres of land along Yellow Creek from the Connecticut Land Company. With the additional annexing of land from Coitsville and Poland Townships, the city of Struthers is how we know it today.

There are many other noteworthy sites in Struthers that the stories need to be shared with future generations: the site of the first settler atop a bluff overlooking Yellow Creek, the Anna Furnace, the tragedies at the mouth of Yellow Creek, Panthers Run, the Struthers Hotel, the Struthers Train Station, P&LE switch station, Stop 14, Ohio Canal, Calbraith's Ice Company, site of the Sheet & Tube office and the site of the I.O.O.F. hall, just to name a few.

Allow people to discover the stories of Struthers and those who built our communities' farms, industries, businesses, schools, churches, governments and communities. Spark the discovery!

The Frankfort House Marker dedicated on Sat., Sept. 29, 2018.
The Frankfort House is the home of the Struthers Historical Society and Museum.


The Struthers Historical Society is requesting sponsorship for Ohio Historical Markers to preserve the antiquity of our city. Each marker will cost between $2500.00 and $3000.00 which includes the 45"x42" cast aluminum plaque with 1" lettering, and a 7' mounting pole. Up to three sponsors' names can be displayed on each plaque. Sponsorship is tax deductable and can be mailed to: Historical Marker Project, Struthers Historical Society, 50 Terrace St., Struthers, Ohio 44471; or donate now using PayPal.


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