Visiting the Museum
The Struthers Historical Society is pleased to offer people visiting our Museum and archives free admission for research purposes. Research that can be done with the resources at the Historical Society will be conducted by the requestor with sources provided by our research staff.

There will be a cost for any reproduction of documents or photographs in the society’s collection, which will be assessed on a case by case basis. The copyright to the photograph shall remain with the Struthers Historical Society. The requester must sign a waiver to any rights to the photograph.

Photocopy fees are $0.20 per copy up to $1.00 per copy depending on the size and originating source of the copy.

This service is offered by appointment only. Please contact us via email to schedule an appointment;

Any donation you feel is appropriate for this service would be greatly appreciated and would help to keep the doors to the Struthers Historical Society and Museum open.

Other Research Requests
A nonrefundable charge of $10.00 (minimum) is required with each request. Requests received without payment will be returned unanswered.

The service provided by our Research staff includes a search for ONE person from materials within our holdings. Please be aware that a search may not locate the information that you seek. If extended or in-depth research is required, researchers familiar with our holdings will be furnished and additional fees may be charged. You will be notified in advance of any additional fees and will have the option to accept. Additional fee payment will be required in prior to any additional research.

Scanning fees are $0.20 per scan up to $1.00 per scan depending on the size of the originating source. Results will be in JPG or PDF format and will be sent electronically as an attachment to the email address you provide. You must understand that research may or may not result in satisfying your request.

A research request form must accompany payment. Download the request form, complete the form. If paying by check, include the request form with payment. If paying with PayPal, download, complete and save the request form on your computer. Send it to as an email attachment. Research will begin upon receipt of payment and the request form.

  Payment via Check or money order  
Payment via PayPal
Request Form
Struthers Historical Society
50 Terrace St.
Struthers, OH 44471

Should the findings of this research be used in publication, permission from Struthers Historical Society and Museum must be obtained in advance. We ask that you provide the Struthers Historical Society with a courtesy copy of the published media.